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Welcome To Children’s Music Activities!

If you want activities which are proven and easy for you to deliver, regardless of your musical experience or confidence, you’ll get lots here.

I’ll be adding activities for different ages over time. Many of these will have a two-pronged approach.

  1. FUN
  2. Stress-Free Learning

As we learn better when we’re having fun, the music activities will all have those components as their leading lights.┬áIf you don’t like that attitude, please go away and play in a place where misery is known to succeed as a learning tool of delight, effectiveness and longevity.

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Welcome back, knew you wouldn’t last long in that place. It doesn’t exist.


You’ll be seeing articles on this site about EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques. This is because I reckon every teacher, parent and childcare practitioner in the whole world should know about EFT. The amount of time, suffering and heartache that will be saved as soon as EFT enters the mainstream of education, healthcare and wellbeing is incalculable.

Simply put, EFT does what I have been doing my hardest to do all of my Education-through-Music career; Relieve, reduce and remove stress so that the little human organisms (children) and the bigger ones too (grown-ups) can learn at their optimum pace, through their integrated senses, physiology, consciousnesses, thinking and whatever else we use to learn with.

It’s a simple process but one that appears so hard for us to apply in education.

  1. Remove, reduce or relieve stress around learning.
  2. Make learning fun
  3. Apply the learning in sample or real life applicable situations.
  4. If it doesn’t work, tweak it
  5. Rinse and repeat.

relax dog on deckchairNumber 1 in this process is the most important factor. Children turning up at school or setting in a stressed state will not be learning anything much at all. Especially if they’re bouncing between stressed home and stressed classroom. There is no point arguing with me here. All of the evidence bears out what I have said. Go and research it if you want to debate, but I won’t give you much time on it as it’s pointless. You learn more when you feel relaxed and happy about your learning.

In a stressed state, your amygdala is busy switching on your fight/flight/freeze response and your hypothalamus is busy releasing stress hormones into every one of your 50 to 100 Trillion cell receptor sites. You can do without this as a regular occurance. So could your children.

I can’t say this enough. Develop a whole armoury of Stress Release, Stress Relief, Stress Reduction and Stress Removal techniques and you will be one of those infinitely valuable products – a happy teacher.

So, your first task after reading this home page is to go and find as many fun, cool, quick and relevant stress reduction techniques you can, ready to bring into your teaching day.


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