Why Play?

Everybody knows that you learn quickest and deepest through play right?

Well, the children know.

By the time we’ve grown and got used to being ‘responsible’ adults, many of us have forgotten to play and that just about sums up why life can be so tough for so many of us.

Having and keeping a playful attitude towards learning – being sure to move quite a bit too – will make whatever we want to learn so much more enjoyable.

Not only that, this playful attitude can help you to rapidly develop your Emotional Intelligence – the intelligence that underpins ALL other intelligences. Emotional Intelligence – which can include self-awareness, social awareness, communication and adaptability – is what you need if you are to be successful in educating children.

Just think back to your own childhood for a second. which teachers do you remember the most and why?

We all remember the cruel, over-bearing, authoritarian, egotistic teachers with fear, resentment and an unpleasant taste in our memories.

But most of all, the teachers we remember with affection, we do so because they had a sparkle about them. they possessed a playful quality that shone through and made us happy to learn from them, to be in their presence. It is the same with anyone who works with children. They remember the crazy, the smiling, the kindly, the young-at-heart. And they also remember more of what they learned with these grown-ups.

This site is being built to help you remember to play, whether you’re a parent, teacher, childcare professional or indeed anyone who spends time with children.

Most adults would adopt a more playful attitude to life given the chance. Often, we inhibit ourselves because we don’t want to look ‘daft’ in front of our peers. This inhibition is extremely dangerous and should be confined to the wastebin right now.

Almost all of the activities that will be appearing on this site over the coming weeks, months, and, who knows, maybe even years, will be music and sound orientated.

The first activity is the ‘Sonic Engagement Box’ which I use all the time in my music workshops because it engages, captures attention and develops curiosity, focus, concentration and attention span.

Just check around the site. there isn’t much on here at the moment so it’s really difficult to get lost. You’ll be able to download the Sonic Engagement Box  straightaway. Simply sign up to our Newsletter page  and follow the instructions when they appear in your inbox.

Please let me know your thoughts as you build and play with your own Sonic Engagement Box.

Use this site to swap ideas with other playful box builders.

Soon as I can I’ll stick a chat or comments box for your ideas onto the site.

Have fun.


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