The ‘Clangers’ and Sound Children at the Montessori Conference

Dream Drumming and Sacred Drumming at The Music Show

Dream Drumming and Sacred Drumming at The Music Show

I’ll be at the Montessori Conference in London working with those goodly World Musical Instrument and Children’s Music Pioneers, Sound Children, this weekend.

Really looking forward to demonstrating the Dream Drum and it’s fantastic calming, emotional intelligence-building, and social communication qualities. All that in a little recycled instrument!

I love it. More importantly, children love it.

It’s a little bit like that children’s TV series from the 70s, ‘The Clangers.’

That’s what I love about strange, unexpected instruments and sounds. They have a quality that makes you feel as if you know where you are [in the Clangers context it was the moon] but you don’t know what’s going to happen and that’s OK, it’s exciting, exhilarating and calming all at the same time. I call that stress-free learning.

As an Educational Kinesiologist [study of the effects of body mechanics on learning] my mission is to create teachable environments, actions, attitudes and behaviours that facilitate stress-free learning, thus developing curious, confident learners.

If you happen to be near the Institute of Education on Saturday, come and say hello.

I’ll be on the Sound Children stand.

You’ll hear us before you see us.


Craig Suit and Eye.jpgHere we are. Have a look.        SC-DFS-footer

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